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M. , Hoque, M. N. and Mitul, A. F. 2013 Design and Implementation of a GSM Based Remote Home Security and Appliance Control System.

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We're always wary of companies that refuse to give transparent cost structures. The only details we were able to find was a page with a limited time offer that included a home security system with only 2 door/window monitors and no cameras for $149. The basic monthly alarm monitoring is $29. 95/month and the more advanced option that includes text/email alerts, lights and lock remote control is $35. 95/month. Presumably any additional equipment or services would increase this cost. Protection One uses Honeywell built security equipment that comes with a lifetime guarantee, for a small monthly fee, as long as you employ their respective monitoring service. However, Monitoring service comes at a lower end price starting at $24. 99 per month with a three year minimum commitment. Protection One uses their own proprietary monitoring company to service clients. Customer service is important to themanda quick response, during an emergency, is their ultimate goal.

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My household, for instance, installed locking windows and put our lights on a timer, plus started to pay a friend’s daughter to stay over while we were on vacation. We also took action on our dream of owning a dog. Most of us thought that when the family across the street moved out that this may not be the end, and a lot of times neighbors will call us to report if there are suspicious vehicles on the block or if they have noticed someone new on the street regularly that does not seem to live nearby. This article confirmed my feelings that even though I live in a decent neighborhood that burglary really can happen. Considering that the people who live just on my block are much more on guard even five years after our neighbor moved out who had been burgled twice says a lot about the fear and anxiety that a burglary causes. Burglary, according to this article, is unlawful breaking and entering into a structure. However, the way the law is actually stated, burglary could occur without a structure being broken into. When I was in college, for example, there were a rash of computer thefts due to people who left their dorm rooms unlocked. Under the strict definition of burglary, a dorm room with an unlocked door still cannot be entered without permission. Even if the result was only that the thief looked around and did not find a laptop that was easy to steal, he or she would have been committing an act of burglary. Or, possibly the act would not technically count as burglary since there was no unlawful breaking, only entering.

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